Thursday, April 06, 2006

The difference between generations

Man has been a student of the nature, a curious avid learner. He has sacrimoniously passed his expertise on to the future generations thereby leading to the evolution of culture. And, this improvement over generations has been observed in everything from the computer languages (machine language was 1 GL) to mobile technology (did u miss the 3G techie ?). But, did you ever notice its effect in shaping our careers?

A person who has his parents professionally educated is a 2G educated man and is always at a constant advantage over the naive 1G lad. If your parents are professionally well educated, you are more likely to be in a financially comfort zone (I am not talking of lavish amenities, but comforts of life) where as many small town and rural 1G students have been found to be struggling to get hassle-free necessities of life. Though, I am sure we will also find numerous 1G people who have parents with enough money to shower on their whims. But can these parents provide the social and educational grooming to their children which the 2G people had in plenty? The answer is more likely to be NO. But, if the 1G child was lucky to have very sensible parents who attempted their best to create this environment by seeking professional help (in the form of tuitions and all), they can never inspire their children enough for achieving academic success by presenting themselves as an example. Moreover, at a later stage, when it comes to making career choices and taking decisions, the 1G parents are more likely to be ignorant and in some worse cases, obdurate. So, the poor 1G chap does not compete with his 2G friend on a level platform.

But, the 2G guy is also not without his troubles. His parents always keep on comparing him with themselves. They are not ready to accept his minor mistakes in lower classes. They are very much eager to know about the progress of other friends in his class and many a times, end up making unneeded comparisons. This may lead to a feeling of inferiority in the child right from childhood. Also, if the parents are successful, they are very likely to encourage him to follow their trodden path. And, this encouragement sometimes in its extremity ends up as an attempt of coercing the child, hence restricting his career options.

So, good or bad, but there is a definite difference between generations here.


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good analysis.

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